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Andaman and Nicobar Islands Tour Package

Andaman Nicobar Islands Tourists nowadays search for every possible theme one can think of for a vacation and tour, from weird far out ideas to the most mundane standard circuit. India is a hot favorite with tourists, especially Europeans, for an exotic vacation that is 'different' from the normal beach or hill station experience.

Usual options are heritage tours, mystic India tours, beaches, rural tours, hill resorts, wildlife, fairs and festivals and last but not the least, adventure tours. Popular adventure activities are fishing, camping, cycling in the Himalayas, desert camel safaris, mountaineering, hang gliding, rafting, trekking, skiing, scuba diving and snorkeling. If you're looking for a new kind of exciting vacation or weekend getaway, scuba dive into India!

Curiosity about the underwater world of the sea is an age old phenomenon. India tourism is now catering to this curiosity as well, organizing amazing tours. India is world famous for its bounty of flora and fauna and now, also for its stunning underwater world. Exploring it can be a fantastic adventure. The joy of floating inside the sea like a fish is unmatchable. And the sheer thrill of watching the rich flora and fauna of the sea in their natural habitat is unparalleled.

India has thousands of km of beautiful coastline. There is no dearth of excellent hotels and resorts at numerous spots for these activities. So go for the holiday of a lifetime on the seashores, mangroves, cliff promontories, backwaters and beautiful groups of islands along the Indian coastline, constantly kissed by the waters of the Bay of Bengal, the Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea.

Most popular is scuba diving or snorkeling at the Andaman and Nicobar islands in the Bay of Bengal. The Andaman and Nicobar Islands comprise 527 densely forested islands of which 38 are inhabited. These tropical rain forests and waters of Bay of Bengal are home to a vast collection of plant, animal and marine life.

India spots are charming, un-spoilt, untouched by pollution - the blue, green and turquoise waters of its seas provide striking views of Coral Sea beds. The underwater world is a unique and diverse collection of colorful and weirdly patterned sea animals and thousands of types of corals ranging from tall sea fans to small hydroids, from languidly waving sea anemones to glassy jellyfish.

The adventure needs equipment like wet suit, fin, tank, mask, snorkel, a knife, a pair of leather or canvas gloves, underwater flashlights for night diving, dive tables and dive watch. Equipment is easily available at reasonable prices at most diving resorts and schools. Your tour operator will provide all necessary information. Scuba diving can be easily clubbed with underwater photography and fish identification etc.

Like every where else in the world, island vacationing comprises of peaceful privately owned vacation villas, cottages and apartments in beautiful locales along with a host of activities like water sports (swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, water skiing ), trekking, Island camping, sun bathing on paradisiacal beaches with rejuvenating fresh air and crystalline white sands, all amidst lush greenery and gardens. Sounds like a sojourn to the Garden of Eden!

If you've just arrived India, you can arrange a stay and tour at India's very own Garden of Eden! Loll around in an ocean front, spacious cottage. After a snorkeling getaway, sit down for a wonderful barbeque meal of yummy seafood.

Tourists are amazed to learn there is remote island vacationing for cozy twosomes or family fun and frolic in India, replete with all luxury amenities yet set amidst a tropical Garden of Eden. For example there is the exclusive island guesthouse of Coconut Island, in the man made Canoli canal of Kerala backwaters, with a private staff. The guesthouse is on an acre of coconut plantation and mangrove forest and accommodates only two people. Fully furnished and equipped with a TV, phone, internet and beautiful views through six large windows with modern fittings. Another house on the island serves as the kitchen and office/library.

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