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Camel Safari Tour Package

Camel Safari India is so designed that one has the greatest time full of adventure, thrills as well as very interesting exploration of Northern India. Visiting famous destinations on camel back is a memorable experience. The benefits of such cultural touring programs include spreading awareness of the natural and cultural resources of Northern India and distribution of the benefits accrued from such tourism endeavors, for rural communities especially.

Experience the thrill of camel back riding with a small group of friends or even alone, surrounded by tradition, wildlife and outstanding scenery. Camel safaris are the ultimate wilderness experience. They allow you to go deep into the heart of the desert or bush where you can observe giraffes, horses and many other animals at close range without sitting in a vehicle all day.

The Great Indian Desert, the Thar Desert, is a perfect place for feeling the true essence of very popular Rajasthan. Desert safari in India can take many forms, like camel safari, elephant safari, horse safari, jeep safari, etc. The most popular is the camel safari that takes you to the deepest core areas of the desert. So if you're hankering for something unique, something so different that you'll be the envy of every eye back at home, then go for desert safari. Desert safaris are just that - you safari across a vast desert terrain, that's your tour itinerary.

What's so cool about that? You visit camel farms on the way. You enjoy camel rides and photo-shoot incredible sand dunes. You watch the beautiful unmatchable desert sunset. The sun set seems as if a reddish-orange ball is sinking in the vast ocean of desert - a spectacular sight. Intoxicated you reach your campsite where you relish barbeque meals. Around the campfires there will be music, singing, dancing, merrymaking, even exotic performances and other entertainments - right there in the middle of a stretch of desert under the equally vast stretch of sky filled with stars and nothing else far into the horizon

Today the traditional concept of a hotel stay cum tour has expanded to include a five star hotel on rails or a first class hotel sailing the seas, a hotel stay in a former Royal Palace of a former King, even a hotel stay in a former majestic, gigantic ancient fort. The sky is the limit - the only concept left out to try out is in outer space. You can now move on from a routine landlocked vacation formatted in a hectic, well sketched schedule with some luxury stay, gorge some delicate dishes and hop onto the must visits.

Note that in desert safari's drivers are licensed, professional and trained in first aid Land Cruisers are generally used. A camera off course is a must as is comfortable clothing - avoid jewelry or expensive watches and cell phones.

A very popular part of desert safari round the world is sand dune skiing. You get to ski from the highest dunes on a ski board - everyone can do it as if you fall the soft sand is there to catch you. One more thrilling experience.

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