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Clark Hotel
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Delhi Budget Hotel

Clark Hotel India is an exciting place to visit. Loads of tourists arrive Delhi with all kinds of expectations. Most go back home fulfilled far beyond what they expected. India has always drawn fascinated visitors from times immemorial. Today's world is definitely a smaller place as a global village. Many visitors to India hear of daunting Indian cities with teeming millions and billions - incredibly diverse, exciting, thought provoking and just full of fun and interesting experiences for all age groups.
The Delhi budget hotel is 'in' now in a major way. Hospitality in India has witnessed a major boom and offers tours and stay facilities comparable to anywhere else in the world. Most tourists seek budget friendly stays that won't cut a huge hole in their pocket. Delhi hotels offer safe, clean accommodation and delicious cuisine of all kinds both international and domestic.
Gone are the days when the words Delhi Budget Hotel conjured up images of a cramped, dingy place with that strange smell or services provided by dazed staff with that glazed, look in the eyes and whimsical attitude! Delhi budget hotels are spic and span, with bright eyed and bushy tailed staff and the cuisine is varied and tasty to boot! Everyone is eager to organize fun tours for you as well. Professionalism is in now.
Like our very spacious and elegant Clark Heights, very well equipped business centers where conferences are routinely organized - all with state of the art tech including high speed internet, Wi-Fi, overhead projector/screens, VCR, etc. Even Delhi budget hotels are now conscious of subtlety like décor and ambiance, the 'feel at home' factor and 'value for money' satisfaction every tourist or visitor not only hopes for, in fact demands. Today's Delhi budget hotels are senior citizen friendly and women and children friendly and eco friendly!

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