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Sahastradhara Tour Package

Sahastradhara is a most beautiful scenic spot in Dehradun, in the state of Uttarakhand. Sahastradhara literally translates as "thousand fold springs". Its name derives from the fact that the water literally drips down from thousands of limestone stalactites formed in a kind of grotto or cave. The spot has now become a famous tourist destination.

Sahastradhara has a magnificence that attracts both local and international tourists. It is a lovely waterfall with a depth of 9 meters. Its waters contain Sulphur making the torrent popular for its therapeutic value. Besides its medicinal value, the stream is a picturesque spot for spending time in calm silence and peaceful environs. The Baldi River and the caves exaggerate the aesthetic beauty of the place. .

This astonishing natural splendor is situated with in the city limits and hence its easy to reach for tourists at any time. The gorgeous spot is best viewed in the rainy season when the stream becomes a gushing torrent. The sight of its gurgling waters fills one with vitalizing energy. .

Sahasradhara's waters are filled with lime and the residue left behind forms a projecting ridge in the shape of a cave on the top of which the waters dance like a shower. The enchanting scenery and lush vegetation make this a dream destination for a tranquil holiday. .

A very ancient temple and the Drona cave - named after famous Guru Dronacharya of the Mahabharata period - is located here. The spot is an abode of prayer and worship as well for devotees from across India. The Sulphur spring near the falls has medicinal and healing properties for skin diseases and ailments. The sulphur has great therapeutic value. The sulphur springs ebb and fall into a channel which is the source of the Baldi river which flows along many villages and continues towards Lacchiwala and finally drains into the holy Ganges. .

From Sahastradhara, there are facilities for trekking, adventure, yoga, meditation, village tours and outdoor recreation for corporate and individuals seeking a weekend getaway in a pollution and noise free environment. .

The villages in and around Sahastradhara thrive on steppe farming and the locals are basically farmers. The hills cut in steps for steppe farming are a visual delight and provide a panoramic view. The tourist season is mainly from Baisakhi to July in summers and October to March in winters when the river Baldi is in its natural flow. During monsoons, increase in water flow increases floral vegetation in the area significantly much to the delight of visitors. Initially the waters had come from a hill but over the years the stalactites formed a sort of grotto or cave.

Location :

Sahastradhara is situated around 15 kms east of Dehradun Bus Stand in the state of Uttarakhand.

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